If you’ve been following my latest blog posts, you’ll already be aware that I’ve unpublished post-apocalyptic thriller THE END IS NIGH and will be republishing it within the next month with brand-new edits and rewrites, and a fresh and stunning new book cover.

If you’ve ever worked with a cover designer before, you’ll know that really it’s an artist collaboration. Typically—in the form of images and words—I send talented cover designer Johnny Breeze my vision. Through a back-and-forth dialogue that often results in a phone conversation or two, Johnny tries to interpret my vision. The result typically is something spectacular. Check out some of my backlist of book covers if you don’t believe me. They’re awesome. And so is Johnny.

But, I digress. On the latest cover design for THE END IS NIGH I decided to do something different. Instead of dreaming up a cover concept—I like to call it a cover vision—I decided on a departure. I thought I’d let Johnny do it for a change. I thought I’d let him create the vision and see what happened. All I did was send him the short and long synopsis.

Short synopsis:

As a blazing inferno decimates the world, seven social outcasts form an unlikely alliance, fleeing to an underground shelter, where they’re thrust into a life-and-death battle with vicious evil forces threatening to seize control of a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

Long synopsis:

Cray Lenning’s life as a garbage collector in a small town is reclusive and boring. Burdened with strong feelings of distrust and resentment, he’s content to wallow in lonely self-pity. But when he witnesses a defrocked preacher proclaim “The end is nigh” seconds before getting struck by a car, Cray’s world spirals out of control.

Initially, Cray dismisses the wayward preacher as a wacko, but ominous signs begin to convince him otherwise. Enter Sandra Colling, a heartbroken but resolute nurse. Together, they build an underground shelter to try and survive a deadly inferno blazing across the country, and embark on a frantic mission to save others. Trapped inside the shelter, they learn the terrifying reality of their choices: a traumatized police detective; a manipulative and self-righteous psychologist; a sadomasochistic sex-addict; a rambling, alcoholic preacher; and a mentally ill redneck with an explosive temper.

Their dire predicament worsens when water runs out and they’re forced to emerge from the shelter. To survive in this God-forsaken wasteland, they must form an unlikely alliance and battle a far more deadly presence topside—a gang of ruthless escaped convicts, hell-bent on starting an evil polygamist cult that rules by fear, intimidation, and brutal murder.

 As is normally the case, Johnny and I had to discuss details a few times before we reached the finished product. Adding more flames, eliminating the cocaine line from below the preacher’s nose (I told him he’s an alcoholic but as far as I know, not a coke head, LOL), adding a few wrinkles, making his hair Einstein-like. Stuff like that. All the rest, I left to his creative imagination. I think you’ll agree when you reach the bottom of this page—the result is nothing short of spectacular.

The second edition promises to be everything the first edition was and much more. Tighter prose. More detailed, hair-raising suspense, and scares. Complete elimination of a few grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. Best of all, the prices will be much cheaper. With the first edition I had no control over pricing and the ebook was priced at $5.99 and the paperback sold for as much as $35. Are you kidding me? Thirty-five bucks for a paperback?

When THE END IS NIGH is re-released, the ebook will retail for $3.99, paperback $11.99. But the savings don’t stop there. For a limited time, I’ll be offering the second edition ebook for a mere ninety-nine pennies. Stay tuned. I’ll advise you when the SALE starts.

Modesty aside, I think you’ll really enjoy THE END IS NIGH. But don’t take my word for it. Read what reviewers say:

This book kept me up all hours, until I had finished it! I could NOT put it down!! With complex characters, a fast-paced plot, escaped convicted felons and an apocalyptic theme, this book has everything you could want and more. What happens when the world as you know it, is on fire? If you had to choose who you could save, could you? What would you do in order to ensure your survival? Could you trust strangers? Who do you warn of the coming dangers? When 7 people are forced to live together underground in order to survive, personalities, manipulations and secrets will push them all to breaking point. When they are forced to return top side, they are faced with a new reality, one that will have them questioning everything they thought they knew.
I hope there is more of this!


Another page-turner from Blackwell, as most of the others novels I had my hands on from this outstanding horror-fiction writer. I’m pleased to say that this novel met all my expectations, and then some. They main characters create a terrifying and fascinating storyline that quickly turns into an addiction which you won’t let out of your hands before you finished reading it. This dark fiction novel will strike you to the core and creates a tension which I have hardly ever felt with a book in my hands.

-Amazon Kunde

This is a suspense-filled, action-packed thriller. Unlikely bonds are forged between seven complex and disparate characters as they fight evil forces that are both external and internal in an attempt to save themselves as their world burns. They are confronted with the reality of the burning inferno (and subsequent disasters sent to destroy the world and all life forms), the uncertain pasts and intentions of each other, and the real threat of marauding murderers who want to rule the post-apocalyptic world. Underlying the strong plot line is vivid character development and intense examination of relationships and individual motivations.



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