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New release, post-apocalyptic thriller, The End is Nigh: As a blazing inferno decimates the world, seven social outcasts form an unlikely alliance, fleeing to an underground shelter where they’re thrust into a life-and-death battle with vicious evil forces threatening to seize control of a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Was $0.99. Now FREE.

Assaulted Souls, a raw and graphic exploration of a terrifying existence in a wasteland resulting from humankind’s stupidity. Was $0.99. Now FREE.

In that series, both Assaulted Souls II and Assaulted Souls III have been slashed from $2.99 to $1.50.

Phantom Rage, a paranormal thriller, examines a team of mentally unstable paranormal investigators as they fight for their lives while trying to solve a series of gruesome murders in a small town. Was $2.99. Now FREE.

In that series, both Poison Rage and Infected Rage have been reduced by 50 per cent, going from $2.99 to $1.50.

Sci-fi Orgon Conclusion: An epic battle pitting the forces of good and evil against one another in the context of the American Dream. Was $2.99. Now FREE.

Horror novel Freaky Franky: Santa Muerte followers discover the horrifying consequences of worshiping with evil intentions. Was $3.99. Now $1.00.

Horror novel Blood Curse: With devastating consequences, a lonely man enlists the aid of a Voodoo witch to win the woman of his dreams. Was $3.99. Now $1.00.

Horror novel The Strap: A full-throttle journey inside the sights and sounds of Ecuador and a chilling chronicle of the ever-present dangers. Was $3.99. Now $1.00.

Horror novel A Head for an Eye: A shocking juxtaposition of the ruthless Tarahumara brand of justice with the questionable North American judicial system. Was $3.99. Now $1.00.

Rule 14: A chilling analysis of the fight-or-flight response, this psychological thriller ushers you deep inside the minds of those who process information through a twisted and psychotic lens. Was $3.99. Now $1.00.

Inspirational fiction novel Brainstorm: Inspired by true events, this deeply moving tale chronicles the lives of an epileptic man and his mentally challenged wife who have so little but give so much. Was $3.99. Now $1.00.

Horror novel Nightmare’s Edge: A nail-biting journey through the dark underbelly of the Dominican Republic. Was $3.99. Now $1.00.

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