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Here’s a short synopsis:

Nathan King wakes up one day freezing cold and starving with hunger on a tattered mattress in a dark cave, and has no idea where or who he is. He meets Edward Sole, apparently his protector for the last few months, who tells him a nuclear bomb has been dropped and most, if not all of the world, has been destroyed. Slowly the realization sinks in that in this horrific post-apocalyptic landscape, there are no rules, no laws. Cannibalism is rampant, mutant animals and humans are on the attack.

With all communication cut off, and meager supplies, every day becomes a fight for survival and sanity.
To make matters worse, a band of savages called The Neanderthals have emerged who rape, pillage and murder for more than just survival. They enjoy it.

Fighting for their survival and hoping to find a more hospitable island off the coast of Prince Edward Island, Ed and Nathan team up with Cadence Whitaker, Nathan’s girlfriend whom he has no recollection of, and fierce warrior Velvet Jones to try and hatch a plan to escape the island before they’re all killed.

In the meantime, Ed has begun a slow descent into madness, leaving the group wondering who the enemy really is. A lightning-paced, action-packed exploration of a terrifying existence in a wasteland produced by humankind’s stupidity.

My publisher says Assaulted Souls, with its raw and gritty depiction of post-apocalyptic survival, is one of his favorite novels. Ninety-nine per cent of Amazon reviewers have rated it five stars.

Eight Amazon review snippets:

The writing style evokes a lot of tension as Nathan slowly realizes he is living a post-apocalyptic nightmare and every day becomes not only a struggle to remember, but a violent and death-filled struggle for survival. He teams up with his girlfriend and along with tough no-nonsense chick Velvet and Ed, they try to hatch a plan to escape the island and the marauding Neanderthal gang who are out to get kill them.
A well-written story with a powerful shock ending. Really makes you think about the stupidity mankind is capable of. This story does not amble. The action is full throttle from beginning to end. A gifted writer.

The plot is fast paced and there are many points where a struggle or conflict is described in such detail that I can imagine it perfectly without having to fill in any blanks with my own imagination. A very interesting and impressive read. I would recommend this book to people who like fast paced thrillers and enjoy reading of a world with society ripped out from underneath us.

I thought the book also had a surprise ending while teaching a lesson. Enjoy!

Author William Blackwell weaves a Post-Apocalyptic thriller with intriguing twists and turns that will easily captivate the reader’s attention from the beginning. The author paints a raw and graphic dystopian tale in a very vivid and convincing way. In addition, the characters are drawn with great credibility and integrity. If you’re looking for an action-packed fantasy adventure that’s packed to the rafters with blood, guts and gore, this book has it all…and more.

I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for something different in this dystopian genre.

I have read several of this author’s works and find his writing consistently fast-paced with a variety of plots and sub-plots and fascinating character development. This particular novel contains a fair bit of violence as one would anticipate in this genre. These scenes are vividly described creating a lot of tension and causing the reader to fear for the survival of its main characters… or mankind, in fact. I like the clarity of the writing style and the authenticity of the dialogue. The reader is drawn in from page one and can easily read this book in one sitting. I certainly found it impossible to put down!

I would also call this novel a page-turner. Written with very intense scenes that will slowly but surely wrap you in a spider web of fear and horror. The author has done a brilliant writing job!

I was particularly impressed with Blackwell’s depiction of the action in the novel; the story flowed well, and I found it easy to follow the often vivid and stark scenes of battle. Assaulted Souls does not amble; it is well-defined and moves along. The book offers the reader exactly what the subtitle says, and it does it masterfully. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys post-apocalyptic tales, science fiction, or action-adventure. I look forward to reading more of Blackwell’s works.

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