At long last, it’s finally here. Over two years in the making, Macabre Alley, a collection of short horror tales guaranteed to scare the bejesus out of you, is now available to buy.

Without any preamble, here is a synopsis to whet your appetite:

Feeling brave?

Skulk down Macabre Alley and witness a blood-curdling monster lurking in every dark corner. Thirteen short horror stories meticulously crafted to terrorize, educate, and entertain.

A small sampling:

Fear Sells: A conspiracy theorist who believes the pandemic is a hoax realizes—maybe too little too late—that it’s time to heed public health measures.

I Hate That: A woman consumed by hatred is stunned to learn her bad attitude is devouring her soul from the inside out.

You’ll Pay: A man suffers the horrifying consequences of disrespecting Mother Nature.

Lost: An analysis of recurring dreams plunges a troubled man into a spiraling abyss of regret.

Drunk Dialing Demons: A lonely and hard-drinking man turns to drunk dialing in an ill-fated search for companionship and compassion.

The Thought Police: Discover the shocking truth about how smart speakers pry into the private lives of users.

Thinking about Death: A man ruminates on why thinking about life inevitably leads to thinking about death.

Oftentimes facts are stranger than fiction. Feeling fearless? If you dare, try to dissect fiction from fact.

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